2019 NBA Season

For computer picks, see https://www.scullytotals.com/nba/
Season Record:  ~55%    (as of 1/1/2020)  

2019 NFL Season

For computer picks, see https://www.scullytotals.com/nfl/
Season Record: 53-59-1, 47.3%.   (finished) 
2019 Update:
Originally focused on NFL, now expanding into NBA & MLB.
Free predictions will be posted on a daily basis before the games.

  •  NFL OU Predictions since 2014: 63.5% (234-134)
  •  NBA ATS Predictions since 2014: 57.1% (1494-1121)
  •  MLB Run Total Predictions since 2014: building model… (prototype hit 54.5%)
Welcome to ScullyTotals which consistently beats Vegas Odds
The NFL predictions focus on total game points (aka totals) and stem from a proprietary computer program that downloads weekly team statistics, runs multivariate regressions, and outputs recommendations where forecasted points differ greatly from the sportsbooks’.


NFL betting system

NFL Betting System. ScullyTotals offers a proprietary algorithm to bet against Vegas Overs / Totals.

Summary of Past Years:
updating records, check back soon…

ScullyTotals is based on a statistical model that incorporates 42 variables for each weekly NFL game. The algorithm relies on five years of data from 2004 through 2008 to then compare today’s matchups versus historical trends. Emphasis is placed on rushing efficiency, passing efficiency, QB rating, average points, first down proficiency, and turnovers.

With each forecast, several filters are applied to identify the most favorable outcomes that make money. ScullyTotals does this by only outputting betting advice where “value” exists with oddsmaker lines. In other words, if Vegas believes the total predicted point is 45 yet the algorithm says 55 then there is a significant difference and the computer program will make a bet recommendation.

NBA and MLB betting system now incorporated with Machine Learning classification and artificial intelligence (AI).